Booth.Tube – The Tool that Every Conference & Event Exhibitor Knew They Needed, But Never Had

Booth.Tube instantly increases conference & event ROI, automates lead related data entry and it is easy.

Step One – Upload Digital Content

Build presentations and content collections out of videos, images, PowerPoint files, interactive visual aids and more in Booth.Tube. Simply upload your content and organize it. Use Booth.Tube to deliver the presentations from the booth or across the conferences and events.

Step Two – Share Content with Attendees

Visitors sign-in to a simple form automatically created by Booth.tub on any device. Everything from account creation, sharing capabilities, creation of related leads in integrated customer relationship management systems. Leads are qualified based on content engagement after the event and the automatically created content channels provide another way for event attendees to reach out to your organization.

Step Three – Booth.Tube Build an Entire Event Funnel and Analytics Program

Leads are automatically generated in integrated CRMs such as, marketing lists are automatically managed in MailChimp and engagement records are automatically created for all content engagement. Virtual Parking Lots provide further opportunity for engagement.